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Prayer is a method of communicating with God. Prayer provides access to God and is a means of drawing closer to God. God is the Creator and Builder of everything, and through prayer, God’s children can talk to and hear from God. As God’s creation, prayer is essential to living—particularly, a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Every person has a God-given purpose, and that purpose is revealed through prayer. Through prayer, God gives direction and guidance to bring about God’s order and kingdom on earth. Indeed, one of the most difficult dispositions in life is to be lost or to live without purpose. Uncertainty about location or confusion about direction generates chaos that incapacitates even the most competent individual.

Such a reality caused A.W. Tozer to comment that “If a person is living just because it is the best alternative to dying, what good is it?” Prayer helps to uncover the reason for living beyond the fear of dying, and thus, prayers help us find God! Are you in search of direction? Are you looking for love and peace? Are you seeking wisdom and instruction over your life? If so, prayer and intimacy with God is the key!

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